The Dream Up Now Workshop for Teens – LIVE

Make Art, Feel Good!

The Original DREAM UP NOW Workshop for teens ages 11-18 years

Dream Up Now offers a safe space for creative self-expression of all emotions, both positive and negative. Every emotion is valid in this journal, and teens are encouraged to move from dark (negative) to light (positive) emotions.

Online, synchronous 6-week transformational workshop for teens ages 12-18.

Explore the wild space of your personal feelings, likes and dislikes through activities from Dream Up Now, a creative journal that supports you as you navigate emotions and learn to turn them into opportunities to reach your goals. You may discover a creative talent you didn’t know you had while curating a playlist, writing (maybe a story, poem, letter, postcard, or even a song), meditating–or cutting and pasting if that’s more your speed. This safe space will help you figure out who you are, and what really matters to you. Every student receives a copy of the Dream Up Now journal. 

Learn more. Lead by Rayne Lacko. Available to schools, libraries, after-school programs, therapeutic centers, churches, rehab facilities and detention centers.
Fun, arts-based, social-emotional journeys from darkness into light for students aged 11–18. Workshops are custom designed by theme, desired outcome, or the specific needs of teen groups. The Dream Up Now workshop is a cost-effective solution to managing fluctuating teen emotions while supporting positive mental health and helping teens set and accomplish personal goals.