Dream Up Now: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery

DREAM UP NOW: The Teen Journal for Creative Self-Discovery helps teens work together or independently to uncover, deal with, and resolve difficult emotions creatively.

“I love how it can really teach students how to express their feelings.” —Stephanie Filio, M.Ed

  Addressing 36 emotions commonly experienced by teens, the Dream Up Now guided journal is organized in emotion sets: each “dark” and painful emotion is presented with its “light,” positive complement. 

With insights and inspiration from 18 diverse leaders in the arts, education, and emotional wellness sectors, Dream Up Now guides teens to use emotional and social wellness skills to move from dark, challenging emotions to light, empowering ones. Teens engage in creative activities within the pages of the Journal—including creative writing, art, movement, music, and poetry—that help them transform difficult emotions such as confusion, perfectionism, pressure, or anxiety and to make space for pursuing the feelings they want to have more often—like confidence, worth, hope, and passion.



Coming soon! Dream Up Now: PreKindergarten to Grade One, and Dream Up How: Grades Two through Five

“This incredible journal for our teens (and people of all ages, really) is such an incredible resource, filled with prompts to help them process their feelings and fortify their self-awareness and identities. First, there’s a real-life story, to connect to the emotion. Then, some food-for-thought reflection prompts. And a page for creative expression. Check out this journal for that special tween or teen in your orbit.”
Barbara Gruener
Corner On Character

Fluctuating emotions can impair daily function. It’s a phenomenon cutting across suburban, urban and rural demographics. We show adolescent readers how to manage difficult emotions, and even better, how to leverage a great day.

Dream Up Now can be used independently or in our after-school programs and pop-up workshops held in libraries, schools, hospitals and therapeutic settings, and youth-oriented organizations. We’ve partnered with 17 recognized community leaders to inspire our readers to express their emotions through creative writing, art, movement, music, and poetry. Dream Up Now offers practical instruction and ample space for self-reflection and creative play.

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“This is a great tool for encouraging teens to really think through their emotions, breaking down their responses to a wide variety of emotions and processing them creatively – through writing, drawing, music, reflection, planning and more.”
Christie Burnett

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Praise for DREAM UP NOW

“Dream Up Now feels very positive and hopeful, which are things I’m seeking out
in my own life. I’m grateful to be involved.” – 
Kristin L. Tollefson, multi-award winning sculptor/painter/arts educator

“Mental health is so important. A lot can be overcome if people are allowed to explore their emotions. I’m excited to be part of this. It’s a really amazing project and needed for awareness. Especially now.” – Tanesha Ksyn, actor, dancer, principal dancer on Lip Sync Battle

“Whether through writing, art, dancing or design, Dream Up Now lets you be drawn to what resonates. Care about being happy. Luckily, life is long enough to find every possible new way to enjoy it.” – Antonio Manuel Chavira, author/director of animation studio

“This is such an incredible project. It’s brilliant. It’s going to be a great resource. Dream Up Now is an amazing thing that will really have an impact on the lives of teens.” – Lisa Manterfield, author of The Smallest Thing and A Strange Companion

“It’s time to uncover your authentic truth with Dream Up Now.” – Shelley Klammer, award-winning art therapist

“Creative expression can always help improve your mood. The toughest part of being a teen is trying to balance who you want to be and trying to fit in. Dream Up Now gives you time to figure that out.” – Courtney Oliver, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Chemical Dependency Professional

“I’m so honored to be included. What you’ve put together here is amazing.
I’m truly impressed.” – 
Melissa Dinwiddie, musician, jazz singer, and author of The Creative Sandbox Way

“I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to Dream Up Now because I believe it’s the first tool of its kind to help teens navigate through the emotional maze that they face every day. I fully believe that the creative activities Dream Up Now offers will help this generation of teens and future generations to develop into more confident and self-reliable adults.” – Coach Bodhi Marcus, creator of the P.E.A.C.E. Phys. Ed program for immigrant students


The Leader’s Guide is a companion to the book Dream Up Now: The Teen Guide for Creative Self-Discovery. Tips on guiding the activities, how to use Dream Up Now with teens who are working individually or in a small group, a free template for conducting a group circle meeting, and key considerations for working with teens as they explore and share emotions. Download the guide to get started today.