Radio Head by Rebecca Laclair

A grittier version of Once, set in LA.” -William F. Aicher, A Confession

Shelby Rey can hear you like a song. With one touch, she’s in tune with your every hope, every secret. When a celebrity psychiatrist takes an interest in her case, Shelby comes face-to-face with Zac Wyatt, the lead singer of the world-famous rock band, Grounder. For Zac, success isn’t enough though. He wants a shot at his first solo album, fame above and beyond Grounder. But the genius behind every one of Grounder’s hits is Stanford Lysandre, their heroin-addicted, self-taught lead guitarist. Zac is so jealous he could kill him. Order now

“Laclair is able to write in multiple perspectives all through the same situation. What I mean is that it gives you an idea that each individuals will see certain situations how they want to see them. Some readers may find this chaotic in a way, but I thought this was a way for readers to see how chaotic things can be in ones life.

I really feel that anyone would enjoy this book. From those who LOVE music, to those who enjoy reading from different points of view. You will absolutely be immersed in this book.” – Quotable Books

“I highly recommend RADIO HEAD for anyone in the process of finding themselves – all with a touch of music and heart!” – Anne Clermont, Learning to Fall