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A Brave Face – Victims Disfigured by Domestic Violence Can Get Life-Changing Help

These may sound like extreme and unusual circumstances, but in the US a woman is beaten every nine seconds by a domestic or intimate partner, often to the face and neck. The fallout from domestic abuse is tremendous. A violent crime (or worse, habitual mistreatment) creates a web of problems for the victim and those in her care. Survivors and their families are in dire need of counseling, and a safe place for to go with their children. They require legal services, and medical attention. And sadly, many are left permanently disfigured.

Over five million women per year are affected by domestic violence, and over one million require medical assistance.

Help for survivors who are maimed and disfigured by domestic violence is available.

Face Forward, a non-profit organization, provides emotional support and reconstructive surgery for women, children and men who have been victims of domestic violence, human trafficking or any cruel acts of crime,” says Mandi Edwards, Face Forward Executive Director.

The organization donated over $780,000 of surgical and counseling services to patients from around the globe in 2016, and aims to expand its services to more survivors.

Face Forward also helps victims overseas. Nicodemus, an orphan from Kenya who was knocked across his head and face with a machete-like object, lost several teeth and suffered scarring to his mouth. Setara, a 24-year-old mother of four from Afghanistan was beaten with a rock by her husband, who then sliced off her nose and lips before leaving to join the Taliban. Her injuries rendered her unable to care for her children on her own.

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A Brave Face – Victims Disfigured by Domestic Violence Can Get Life-Changing Help from @FaceForwardLA

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