Book Genres


was recently browsing in a large bookshop when I can across a section with a sign declaring ‘Dark Fantasy.’ There it was in the cold light of day – a new genre. Without any fanfare or fuss, the bookshop had promoted Dark Fantasy from a minor sub-genre to a genre in its own right. “So what?” I hear you shout. Well if you write Dark Fantasy this is major news. It means that book buyers are now looking to buy Dark Fantasy (they need to fill those shelves), which means publishers are looking to publish Dark Fantasy books and agents are looking to represent writers who write Dark Fantasy. This is a great illustration of the kind of change writers need to notice. It makes no difference which genre you write, it is essential that, as a writer, keep your ear to the ground and make yourself aware of changes and trends within your genre. Why? Because if you are serious about writing then genre is your workplace. If you are going to write relevant, publishable books, then you need to know which books are doing well, and which are not. Since the publishing industry is segmented by genre, it is essential that you are able to identify and become intimately involved with your genre. As a first step along this rouad, here’s the genre list we use… A List A Book Genres Fiction Genre List •Action and Adventure, •Chick Lit, •Children’s, •Commercial Fiction, •Contemporary, •Crime, •Erotica, •Family Saga, •Fantasy, •Dark Fantasy (probably still a major sub-genre!) •Gay and Lesbian, •General Fiction, •Graphic Novels, •Historical Fiction, •Horror, •Humour, •Literary Fiction, •Military and Espionage, •Multicultural, •Mystery, •Offbeat or Quirky, •Picture Books, •Religious and Inspirational, •Romance, •Science Fiction, •Short Story Collections, •Thrillers and Suspense, •Western, •Women’s Fiction, •Young Adult. Non-Fiction Genre List •Art & Photography, •Biography & Memoirs, •Business & Finance, •Celebrity & Pop Culture, •Music, Film & Entertainment, •Cookbooks, •Cultural/Social Issues, •Current Affairs & Politics, •Food & Lifestyle, •Gardening, •Gay & Lesbian, •General Non-Fiction, •History & Military, •Home Decorating & Design, •How To, •Humour & Gift Books, •Journalism, •Juvenile, •Medical, Health & Fitness, •Multicultural, •Narrative, •Nature & Ecology, •Parenting, •Pets, •Psychology, •Reference, •Relationship & Dating, •Religion & Spirituality, •Science & Technology, •Self-Help, •Sports, •Travel, •True Adventure & True Crime, •Women’s Issues. What genre does your book fit into? Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution