A song for the road starts when a tornado destroys his Tulsa home, fifteen-year-old Carter Danforth is trapped in the pawnshop where his father hawked his custom, left-handed Martin guitar six years earlier―and then took off, leaving Carter with nothing but a hankering to pluck strings and enough heartache to sing the blues. Injured by the storm, Carter’s mother is laid up in the hospital. She wants Carter to fly out to Reno and stay with her sister. Too bad Carter already spent her hidden cash stash to buy his dad’s guitar. Rather than tell her the truth, he embarks on an epic road trip in search of his father in Santa Monica. But Carter isn’t a runaway. He reckons he’s a “running to.”

On his way west, Carter picks up licks, chord changes, and performance techniques from a quirky cast of Southwestern charmers: a rock star, a thief, a bluesman, a chanteuse-turned-chef, and the dream of a girl back home. A Song for the Road reads like a mash-up of  The Wizard of Oz and Easy Rider―by the time he reaches the end of old US Route 66, Carter has learned how to deep-fry yucca blossoms and tell the truth of his life through music.

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“Creativity, Victory, Heart, Discipline—four words that mean so much to the main character and a common thread that the author weaves throughout. The author leads the reader on a quirky journey as Carter loses his home in a devastating tornado. Carter takes to the road, with nothing but a guitar that once belonged to his long absent father as well as a desire to find out why his father left and where he himself fits in the world. Along the way, we discover a ragtag band of supporting characters who lend notes of the melody to Carter’s life. This is an entertaining tale about love and family and how it looks a little different for everyone.” —The Eric Hoffer Book Awards


“A sweet, twangy tale about a boy finding his future on the way to his past.” —Kirkus Reviews  (Read the full review here)

“A diverting novel that will appeal especially to teen readers interested in music.” —School Library Journal (Read the full review here)

”If music is your jam and you really want to see someone taking an epic journey across the US of old Route 66, this music heavy story will be one that you won’t soon forget.  With musical details in every chapter, this is one story that have you wanting to take a trip of your own!” —Crossroad Reviews (Read the full review here)

”I’m a sucker for a good travel story and this one did not disappoint.” —Book Nerds Across America

“A boy, a guitar, and the open road. In A Song For The Road, Rayne Lacko brings this timeless archetype to full, vivid life, as 15-year-old Carter embarks on a journey that will define him as an artist, a son, and a man. Beautiful music abounds in these pages; in the story, the language, and the hearts of those well-defined characters. Tune up your six-string, grab a mic, and join Carter as he takes his memorable song on the road.” – Mark Sarvas, award-winning author of Memento Park

“Fifteen-year-old Carter Danforth is loaded down with guilt, dreams, and his dad’s old Martin guitar. Hitting the long highway between Tulsa and L.A. may need his best hope or worst decision ever. Author Rayne Lacko takes us on a powerful coming-of-age journey that gets under the skin, callouses the fingertips, and works its way into the heart. A Song for the Roadis packed with gritty wisdom, succulent humor, and great music. I’ll be rooting for Carter for a long time to come.” —Conrad Wesselhoeft, author of Dirt Bikes, Drones, and Other Ways to Fly

A Song for The Road is a brilliant metaphor for life. That Carter Danforth is one determined young man and memorable hero as you’ll ever find. Bravo, Rayne Lacko!”– Andre Hardy, former NFL running back

“A lyrical, absorbing coming-of-age tale, A Song for the Roaddelights, surprises and tugs at the heartstrings in equal measure. I fell in love with Carter Danforth on his epic cross-country journey to reunite with his estranged father—and so will you. An uplifting story of friendship, family, and the healing power of music.” – Anjali Banerjee, author of Maya RunningLooking for Bapu, and Seaglass Summer

Rayne Lacko brings forth the power of music in her inspiring, coming of age novel – A Song for the Road. The protagonist, a teenaged boy, is “reawakening all the feelings he was trying every day to hold down.” Torn between facing his suppressed feelings and pursuing his passion, Carter chooses making music on his own terms. His choice is rewarded with personal healing and new friendships. A wonderful read about the magic of music and creating your own path.” – Heidi Daniele, author The House Children

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